11 May 2007

Where is all the good news from Iraq?

I am not going to tell you anything you do not already know…just my rant for the day…

Where is it all? Why is no one telling this story? Will it ever make it to the history books?

First off, I want to see the body count tally for who we have killed! I am sick of the media almost boasting about how many of our boys(and gals) are killed each day but, then you hear nothing about how many of the bastards we have taken out in the process. They have no problem showing head shots on our boys while when our boys are on film and killing they are devils and evil.

I want to see the schools being built.
I want to see the stores starting to pop back up.
I want to see the weapons caches being found.
I want to hear more stories of the kids befriending the troops and warning them of traps.
I want to see more pictures of our men and women receiving the medals they deserve and hearing the situations that come before.
I want Americans to once again be proud of this country and the men and women who fight for her.

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Every soldier I know who comes home on leave or is back for training is scared to see the news...it seems to be 180 degrees from what they know to be true and are afraid to believe the lies and the sadness. Everyone knows that the media is bias but what it is doing to the hearts and souls of our men and women who fight is down right evil and it right now is the biggest aid to the enemy... breaking the spirit of all Americans.


Amy P said...

Preach it, man. That's why the recruitment rate was through the roof in April.... the troops are doing great things in Iraq and Afghanistan... and we need to hear about it!

HerkEng said...

Thanks for dropping by my little piece of the world. I appreciate all you have done and what you do!! BLog on.