16 May 2007

US Aircraft's A-67 Dragon; Let the Carnaval begin!

© US Aircraft

As you can tell I am into this Counter-insurgency aircraft competition going on. One of the contenders I was excited about was the A-67 from US Aircraft corp. They suffered a landing gear failure back in October and they decided to redesign the whole aircraft. It looks like they may be getting serious about this competition. They have teamed up with the designer of the EMB-312 Tucano to totally redesign the A-67. She now looks a lot more like the Tucano and a lot less like a homebuilt. US Aircraft will be working with Geometra in Brazil and the aircraft will be based on the General aviation aircraft Kovacs K52 (which happens to look a lot like the EMB-312 Tucano)

Moving away from the Side-by-side sitting aircraft that the original A-67 was this one will feature a more conventional tandem seating configuration.

The aircraft is expected to fly in Brazil within the next 15 months and then the company will seek Part 23 Cert. before production in Ohio will begin.

The aircraft is expected to cost between $4 and $5 million a copy vs. Raytheon’s T-6 which goes for between $6 and $8 Million a copy.

Powered by a 1,250shp Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-68 turboprop, the 10,200lb gross-weight A-67 has an estimated maximum cruise speed of 381kt (706km/h) at 20,000ft. Endurance will be 10h and external payload 3572 lbs.

Flight Global news article by Graham Warwick

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