15 May 2007

Chicks kick ass


Fix4RSO said...

Hey Herk,

Isn't that photo from FighterChicks.com? I've written to, and so has Buck from ExileInPortales, to the female pilot that started FighterChicks.com ... cool bunch of fighter jocks, i'm a tellin' you! :)

HerkEng said...

Woops, it looks like they took it right from that site huh. I will change it out this week so the proper people get the credit. Thanks.

I have limited access to Fighter chicks...but let me tell you, one of the best pilots I had was a chick....she rocked and I would fly with her any day of the week (except for Tuesdays...but that’s a different story)

On the gunpigs, It was hard to put the main wheels down at the same time because of the weight and the drag on the left side....(I wish I could remember her name) One Female Capt. would grease it every time...

I dig chicks.