29 May 2007

Cindy Sheehan; Good Riddance Attention Whore

Cindy Sheehan has quit...thrown up the white flag if you will.
Cindy Sheehan had made many names for herself over the past few years...none of them good. With even her own people turning against her she decided to pack it up and leave (but where will she go?) "Goodbye America ... you are not the country that I love and I finally realized no matter how much I sacrifice, I cant make you be that country unless you want it," she concluded. Her son Casey (killed in Iraq in April 2004) might be able to finally rest in peace. She said that she wants to be the mother of her surviving childern and regain what she has lost...hey Cindy, who watched them while you were down kissing Hugo Chávez's feet? Where was your responsibility to your children then? Why was anything lost? Did they not believe in what you were doing?

"[Bush is] the biggest terrorist in the world and worse than Osama Bin Laden, I would rather live under Venezuela's Chávez than Bush." See ya

OK, I have spent way too much time on this bag...lets move on now and not add any more fuel to her flame.


Anonymous said...

Cindy Sheehan's son is probably turning in his grave by the actions of his mother. By sucking up to Hugo Chavez, a communist who is subjugating his own people to better himself, she is showing that 1. she has no common sense
2. she has no patriotism to her own country.
3. she is definately not thinking of any consequences to her family.
4. She is betraying what her son fought for.
The list could go on but I will stop there. Shame on you Cindy

Anonymous said...

Good riddance you unpatriotic whore, you have dishonored your son and your country; the very same country that gave you the rights and freedoms to take your protest to the streets and return home safely and peacefully without punishment or reprisal for your actions.

Why don’t you put on your Burqa and move to the middle east under Islamic law where you as a woman have no rights or freedoms, go walk in shadows of men where you don’t exist and your voice doesn’t count – where you merely become another womb to bare some mans children as just another number of one of his many servant wives.

Many people have died to give you the rights and freedoms you enjoy in this country. You are nothing but a selfish taker – you return nothing to your country. You enjoy the privileges and freedoms here and then turn and bite the hand that gave you them in the first place. I hope you decide to hang yourself in shame or at the very least pack up and get the fuck out – we don’t need people like you here!

Anonymous said...

I think that all you people are fucking idiots. This woman acted in a manner that I wish more Americans would, she stood against the grain for a belief that we should all carry. Patriotism you say? Where was your presidents patriotism during the wars he could be fighting in himself? Dodging! ... He doesn't care for your brothers, sons, fathers, daughters, mothers ... How do you continue to offer the love and pride for a country that would embrace a liar, a theif, and an absolute imbicile that leads his American families through tradgedy and heartbreak only to line his personal pocket? With our country in recession, our forces spread to the four corners of the world, how is it that our people can't recognize that Bush wants only to play God. He goes completely unchecked, does as he wills, hell, he even removed our freedoms to privacy, our freedoms to safety. Has no one paid notice that basically his whole support structure over the last 7 years has diministed; people in some of the most powerful positions in this country, maybe even the world relenquished themselves because they no longer believed in this man. And you people will take the time to knock down a woman that has offered one of the most incredible sacrifices ever ... Her son is dead for all of you to bash her. Damn you all for your ignorance, and may you reap exactly what it is that you sow.

- Anthony M Plasse (CT)

Anonymous said...

You must be a commie too.

HerkEng said...

Anthony M Plasse (CT),

You brought up a very good point (though completely off topic). Bush did in fact join the military and was a pilot on arguably the hardest fighter plane EVER to fly. The 147th Fighter Interceptor Group was used more for homeland air defense and the F-102 was for the most part not used in Vietnam, you will fault him for that? Do you fault the members who have joined the U S Military today that just happen not to deploy? Do you spit in their face?
How long what Bill Clinton in the military? How long was Hillary Clinton in the military? How long was Edwards in the military? What unit was Obama a member of?

Was Cindy Sheehan even part of her son’s life before he died? Is she a part of her own family now?

Anonymous said...

Bush and Cheney did not fight in Viet Nam. They verbally attacked Kerry, who did fight there with distinction.

HerkEng said...

Was Bush's unit sent to Vietnam?