16 April 2007

So, the MV-22 is going to war...

So, the MV-22 is going to war. I have mixed feelings about this. First, it is time for the Ch-46s to be replaced, they are very old and very tired. The MV-22 is capable of carrying more cargo for a longer distance than the Sea-Knight. The down side? COST! These things are a back breaking $109 Million. That is only $69 Million per aircraft more than what was planned. Don't get me wrong, I do not care how much money is spent to keep our boys (and gals) safe...Therein Lies the Problem. The MV-22B & CV-22 are very unsafe aircraft. I understand that most aircraft have to go through a "growing pains" portion of their development. The v-22 has had one longer than most with too many lives lost. Why have they not fixed the Hydraulic lines bursting in the engine problem. After the crash in December of 2000 you would think they would have that fixed...but guess again, March 28, 2007 another fire in the engine because of a hydraulic leak. The crew was lucky that it happened while they were on the ground and not during flight.

The aircraft can't auto rotate. This means if you loose the engines, there is no way touch the aircraft down softly...how many of our troops will be harmed by this?

There are no side firing weapons to keep the sides safe. The engines are in the way from protecting the aircraft. So, the only defensive guns will be on the tail stinger position. So, who will keep the aircraft safe? Will it always fly with AH-1 cover? The MV-22 is much faster than the AH-1s so then will they have to slow down for the AH-1s or just go without cover? Who will cover the CV-22s from the Air Force? Will they always have the Apache to cover its butt? How about an A-10 every time it takes off. The CV-22 is another thorn in my side. It is set up to replace the MH-53Ms. The CV-22 can not carry as much weight. Can not carry the same special forces equipment and also has no sideward defensive systems. and they will be trying to replace the MH-53s with fewer CV-22s...nice. I understand that the USAF looses a lot of the PaveLows...and because of the nature of the missions that is understandable but are we willing to loose even more v-22s because of the lack of capability?
It has been a nice experiment but it has gone too far. This aircraft is a failure...pull the plug on it.

God Speed Marine Medium Tiltrotor Squadron 263


The Minuteman said...

Good God. The death-trap is going to war. They were flying the hell out of those things when I worked at the Navy's Test Pilot School in PAX River. With all of the problems those damn things have we'll have to wait and see if the casualty rate is higher in combat than during it's testing phase. Somehow I think that it'll be an equal match. I'd have to give those Marines a "good luck" and a "better you than me".

HerkEng said...

I received a phone call about an hour after I posted this about the MV-22 from Logistic Services International (LSI, inc.) and they were interested in me as a Flight Engineer. Right now, they only have openings for one aircraft through LSI...that’s the V-22.
Good thing I can never fly again...because I am so hard up for money, I might have taken the job :)

Anonymous said...

Actually, if you want to compare records, think about this: In the first 6 months of it operation the CH-46 had more crashes than the MV-22 has had since it first flew in 1989.

herkeng said...


Yes, very true. The problem is, we live in a time where aircraft failure and death are less acceptable. We should have this safety thing down pat by now right? Why is it that a company can develop an aircraft...with known problems and then will not be held accountable for it...then charges the military to fix it? The CH-46 was far from perfect but because the MV-22 is over a decade late into military integration she has had to stay in service way past her life span. Why could Bell/Boeing not fix the v-22? Why is she still having problems?

Do I want the V-22 to fail, no. We have spent too much money on her and lost too many good men to her right now. I want her to prove me wrong. I want her to be the best damn aircraft in the sky. I want her to be the safest aircraft in the sky!