11 April 2007

A new diet........its not what you think.

So, I have this painful disease called Ankylosing Spondylitis. Lets just say it is very painful. I have had it now for a few years and the pain has never gotten much better (Even though I am on tons of pain pills) There are a few Docs out there who praise changing your life style with this disease...I do not want to do that.
One diet wants you to become Vegan, um, screw that. I dig my meat.
One wants you to treat it like you had IBS. and use a Low-Starch diet. I can handle that a bit, but I love Italian food...but, I can try that one.

Gluten free crap.

There is even one that says eat as many cashews as I can. (I can eat me some cashews, boy)

Foods to AVOID...anything fried refined starches refined sugar heavy meats, veal coconut, bananas pecans white, green cabbage> dried beans, most peas acetic acid vinegars liquor and beer oatmeal, lentil beans milk and butter high-fat cheeses Kraft "mayonnaise" chips, French fries potato chips, crisps pan, poories, popcorn all rice, esp. fried mein, pancit, soba pizza, pita, paella wheat, scald oats white bread, kulcha haggis, scones bagels, doughnuts yucca root, aubergines spaghetti (all pasta) croissant, crepes macaroni and cheese Communion Host (<---WTF they want to take God out of it huh..Must have been a muslim doc.) all sausages, hog meat pie crust, piroges Sun chips, pepperoni all "-wursts," Spam chapati, paratha, corn all cookies and cakes betel nut, char-sil-bow baklava, lavosh, matzo biscuits, nasi goreng masala dosa, gnocchi cornbread, shortbread baba ganhouje, papad foul madamas, latke crackers, poi, hummus wontons, vareneky corn starch, MSG parsnips, turnips tostadas, corn chips wild rice, potatoes sodium benzoate alum, arrowroot nitrites, nitrates, BHT tap water BHA, polysorbates

Dude, I'm screwed.

I think I'll live in pain thank you.

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