14 September 2007

James Brolin: Asshole of the year! or, the "happy 9/11" guy.

James Brolin: Asshole!

9/11 on the Chaz & AJ show in New Haven, Connecticut while trying to promote his new movie "The Hunting Party". James says something I thought even he and all the other worthless actors turned wannabe politician were above.. I was wrong. He stoops to an all time low in the "Who HerkEng thinks is classy" book.
Listen to his comments about 9/11...

He doesn't just sit there and disagree with what happened. He didn't say how he feels about how Bush created that horrific day...no, he goes and slaps everyone in the nation; he personally slaps every family member who died that horrific day. He slapped every family member of every service men who has served in war after that tragic day (living or not).

Here is a rough transcript posted by the Marooned In Marin blog

Brolin: "It's kind of a parody on uh, how come we can't catch war criminals with all of our sophisticated stuff you know.

Chaz or AJ: That's something we've been talking about a lot today on this show for obvious reasons, being the sixth anniversary of the September 11 attacks

Brolin: Right! Oh yeah. Oh Happy 9/11!

Chaz/AJ: Well that's kind of a weird thing to say.

Brolin: (Laughs) I hear silence. Well.

Chaz/AJ: Well we're right outside of New York I mean I know people
(Right!)...who lost family members so we don't say "Happy 9/11" here

Brolin: Celebrate the day, right?

Chaz/AJ: Yeah well, we kind of commemorate the day by remembering those who were lost and the families they left behind

BROLIN: I understand. It's a horrible situation how they've
been left behind even now by anybody who might uh...

Chaz/AJ: I think you'd be better off talking about this movie.

What a heartless miserable bastard.

Burn in hell with your unhappy miserable wife James...

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