19 September 2007

Hillary Clinton. Politics as usual

Out of the candidates running, Rudy is not my first choice...but this is a good video and I thought I would post it for those who have not had the opportunity to see/hear it.

General Petraeus deserves better. Our men and women fighting deserve better. America deserves better...


DR said...

I could never vote for Rudy, but as a veteran it would have to be someone strong on national defense. I am supporting Mike Huckabee, who are you leaning towards?

I spend a lot of my active duty time in a C-130 being shuttled back and forth. So thank you for your service.

HerkEng said...

I like Duncan Hunter. I agree with him on about 95% of the issues. He does not have the support or the money to make it to the end. I also like Huckabee and I like how he is gaining ground.