19 September 2007

Brits destroy own C-130J. New info...not good.

Back in Feb of 2007 the RAF had to destroy one of their own C-130Js. When the story first came out the news and reports were saying that it had hit an IED...now the story is horrifically different; Electrical fire!! Y'all know I am not a fan of the J model but it is way too new and way too expensive to have electrical problems. Now, was it from a mod or a specification on Brit only planes or is this something that can effect ALL C-130J aircraft?

Thank God that the 58+crew made it out safe...

I will be looking into this to find the report on the official cause of the problem.

Link to news story

These airplanes are too expensive and the lives of those on board are too precious for these kinds of problems to exist.

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