25 September 2007

C-130s play the BRAC version of the game twister

185th AS leaving

OK, so let me get this straight...
The 185th AS have lost its H2 Aircraft to Pittsburgh’s 911 AW. Pittsburg who has flown the H3 will receive the Older H2s and sends its H3s to Pope Air Force base so that the H3s can fly Active duty missions... Milwaukee who gave up its airplanes to pope back in May will also be joined by Pittsburgh’s H3 aircraft. This is good news for active duty C-130 crews...much newer nicer aircraft.

Selfridge just gave up its aircraft to receive KC-135s (and the F-16s up there will convert to the A-10)

I am just glad that none are converting to the bloody C-130J

Clear as mud?

Does anyone have anything to add or share?


Anonymous said...

Pittsburgh has H2's. All of Pope's planes will be H2's. Only H3's in active duty "slick units" are the 50th at Little Rock and the associated active duty/Wyoming Guard.

HerkEng said...

What is the time frame, do you know?