25 June 2007

-=WINGS=- C-130 Hercules... Watch this if you love the Herk

If you love the Herk, you have to see this!
I remember seeing this footage (I think it was way before the Wings channel was even on Cable)a while ago. It seams like every school related to the C-130 in the USAF plays this at least once while you attend :) I look back and am so proud of the plane...and proud that it was the only on I was truly assigned to while I was in the service.


Cathy said...

I have to run off to work, but will watch these when I get home tonight. Having basic cable has it's disadvantages... ya know?

HerkEng said...

I have to say that not having cable has its blessings. We only have enough to allow me to watch Discovery from time to time. We watch very little TV.