28 June 2007

Here is the full list of Combat Wombats; MC-130W Combat Spear

Here you go, you have asked for it and I provide.

These are the C-130s that will make up the MC-130W Combat Wombat (damn it, I mean Combat Spear...I do seriously)list.

87-9284 (c/n 5125)(from the 357th AS, Maxwell AFB AFRC)

87-9286 (c/n 5127) (from the 357th AS, Maxwell AFB AFRC)(here is this baby in Kandahar, Afghanistan)

87-9288 (c/n 5129) (from the 96th AS, Minneapolis-St. Paul IAP, MN AFRC)

88-1301 (c/n 5162)(from the 130th AS, WV ANG)

88-1302 (c/n 5163)(From the 130th AS, WV ANG)
no photo

88-1303 (c/n 5164) (From the 130th AS, WV ANG)

88-1304 (c/n 5165) (130th AS, WV ANG)

88-1305 (c/n 5166) (130th AS, WV ANG) Taken while in Poland

88-1306 (c/n 5167)(130th AS, WV ANG)

88-1307 (c/n 5168)(130th AS, WV ANG)

88-1308 (c/n 5169)(130th AS, WV ANG)

89-1051 (c/n 5198)(from the 155th AS, Tennessee ANG)

90-1057 (c/n 5240)(from the 204th AS, Hawaii ANG)
(no photo)


Ryan said...

I am counting a total of 13 aircraft here when the "Blog" states a total of 12. What is the correct #?

HerkEng said...

it is the 13 stated on the official list.

Where did you see only 12?


Anonymous said...

i am currently the DCC for acft 88-1308. 87-9284 is not going to be converted to a "W" it is going to be 87-9288 instead. all the planes so far look great as "W's".

Anonymous said...

Hi. I flew the original Combat Spear (Straygoose) aircraft 547, 561, 562, 563 at Nha Trang in 1966-67. We hadn't heard of Combat Spear in those days while in the war zone. We were officially Det.1, 314th TCW (PACAF), but also known as Straygoose and the "Blackbirds." Hope the new guys appreciate the "Spear" heritage. Richard, pilot, SG-5.